Lunch Shaming

2017-05-24 00:00:00


Lunch Shaming


 The Food Research and Action Center, recently sent out a FRAC Alert about Lunch Shaming.  Lunch shaming occurs when children who do not have school lunch money in their account, or money in hand to pay for lunch,are publicly humiliated in their school cafeterias. Offensive practices include having their lunch thrown away, having their hand stamped, or being made to do chores for their meal. 

US Senators introduced S. 1064 and H.R. 2401, which would help end lunch shaming.   The bills would end the practices of marking — or otherwise identifying — students who owe school lunch debt. The bills also require that efforts to collect meal debt be directed to parents or guardians, and encourage schools to take steps to ensure that eligible children are certified for free or reduced-price school meals. We encourage you to contact your member of congress:  202-225-3121 (switchboard) regarding this legislation.

To address this issue in New Hampshire, Former State Senator Molly Kelly from District 10 introduced Senate Bill 371, in 2016, which established requirements for implementing a school lunch meal payment policy.     According to the legislation, a school lunch meal payment policy which is implemented by a school board shall ensure that all students have access to a healthy school lunch. 

Contact NH Hunger Solutions if you are having a shaming problem in your child’s school lunch program and are looking for guidance and sample policies. We may be reached at (603)225-2264 or